• Adwaith S

Chennai-based rising electronic music producer, "Someone Else", introduces his first Lo-Fi EP.

Jessenth Ebenezer, professionally known as "Someone Else", is a Chennai-based raising electronic music artist who has already mastered multiple genres of music. Throughout Jessenth's early career period, he gained a large following worldwide after he covered the song "Toss A Coin To Your Witcher" from the movie "The Witcher".

Jessenth has been on a roll recently, with the last year seeing him working on a new direction for his music, showcasing his diverse talents and the different sides of himself through different single releases over the past few months which has been surprising to fans, while also keeping them highly entertained with his tracks. With his unique style of music and undeniable talent for experimenting with genres from Pop to Electro, Jessenth can ultimately labeled as the future of EDM.

In an interview with Rolling Stone India on 04 Feb 2022, Jessenth stated:

“I’m releasing hardstyle now, then I’ll put out a Lo-Fi EP, or a melodic dubstep single next, who knows? Someone Else has something for everyone,”

And after a long wait, Jessenth finally unveiled his long-awaited Lo-Fi EP with the release of his first song titled "Chaos Theory" from the EP released via a UK label, Outertone Chill. The new release is a perfect example of what listeners can expect to hear on the upcoming full-length EP by Jessenth: dreamy and sensual soundscapes that blend organic Lo-Fi beats. The title track, "Chaos Theory" is a real definition of dreamy slow Lo-Fi beats and pianos with catchy melodies, which influences the soul.

The song's dreamy sound and unmistakable style have already made Choas Theory a favorite track among fans of all genres, alongside waiting anxiously for the rest of the EP to drop.

Listen to "Chaos Theory" on Spotify: